What after Final Year of Education?

Yes, I know you must be perplexed as much as I had been. The one gets attention who talks something errant. We just don’t realize the corridor talks of our group have changed from ragging depression, flirts, class bunk, ragging enjoyment to job seeking. With every beat of the heart one signal goes to the grey matter “Am I ready?” or rather “Oh! all others are ready?”. A confused brain just shows you a group of other confused ones. Slowly campus recruitment starts. Hostel awakes in dark silence the night when first set of students have got job. Everyone who gets job in the first company mingle each other out-of-hostel while others sleep-awake.

How to Handle Sexual Harassment at Workplace

I think the most important part of engineering life is to understand where to put all your efforts as soon as you are in the final year of your stream. You must browse the net to find out which stream has got enough jobs. This will help you understand where you should focus. Employer doesn’t expect you to be just final year student of ABC engineering college. They want to see a future employee in you. You need to be technically sound to clinch the opportunity in your favor. You need to explore what technology is being used in the industries now-a-days. I would recommend you to invest in buying books, browsing net and understand the concept before you step out of the Final Year of Education. Wish you all the best everyone for your endeavors to grab the opportunity.

Following blogs will help you prepare for IT Industry Interviews and Walk-Ins.

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  2. MS SQL Corruption: “Msg 2627 – Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint”
  3. SQL Server 2008 R2 – Foreign Key – DELETE CASCADE and DELETE UDPATE
  4. MSSQL Server – DBCC LOGINFO – Status 2. Log File FULL. Verify log_reuse_wait_desc
  5. SSRS Report – Adding Header and Footer



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