“robocopy ipg” and “robocopy MT”

The following wire deals with understanding of robocopy with sql agent. Read for “Robocopy /IPG” Vs “Robocopy /MT”.

I asked my junior DBA to create a job as follows:

1. BACKUP database locally
2. VERIFY the backup
3. Copy with robocopy

First two tasks were ok but as soon as he tries for the third step, he always got failure. Robocopy copied the files but still showed failure. What is the resolution?

Resolution: Set the “Process Exit Code” = 1.

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Good. The next question my DBA asked me… “Which one is better switch /IPG or /MT? So basically question was ROBOCOPY /IPG Vs /MT 🙂

robocopy E:\MSSQL\BAK \\networkpath bakfile /MT:32
robocopy E:\MSSQL\BAK \\networkpath bakfile /IPG:200

According to me this all depends on your network. MT is nothing but multi threading. More threading will consume more n\w resources.
IPG indicates as after how much time do you want to send next packet. If you have lesser value for /IMG then the data will be sent frequently and would cause more n\w traffic.

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